Phaedra Parks’ Book Signing Recap: Southern Belle Style

Hi Carmalistas! Clearly, I’m not on any type of posting schedule these days! In my last post, I came to you in video form to let you know that I would try to post at least once a week. Well…that totally didn’t happen last week, lol! I didn’t take into account how much time would be required of me with this accelerated Grad School program. Each semester is only 7 weeks long, and boy do they cram an entire semester of readings, assignments, and papers in that short time span! I’ve got to do well in the program, since that is my priority right now, and it has the potential to change my career path. So, blogging will not be priority and posting will be sporadic, if at all! I will be around on my social media networks, so be sure you’re following me there! My Twitter and Facebook see lots of activity from me (hint, hint) make sure you’re following.

I attended a great event last week, and had to post a recap on it! I found out via Twitter that Mrs. Southern Belle herself, Phaedra Parks would be at the Georgia Tech Barnes and Noble to do a book signing. Her book fittingly titled, Secrets of the Southern Belle is an etiquette manual for women, that teaches them how to work hard, be stylish, and never have an off day, all while remaining poised like a southern belle should.


Phaedra’s outfit:

When Phaedra came onto the stage, she looked beautiful! Her canary colored sweater complimented her black and white polka dot skirt perfectly! Her big bun…yes gawd! The makeup was flawless, and she had heels for days!


The Discussion:

Phaedra took questions from the audience, and was so attentive when speaking to each person. She spoke about her humble beginnings in undergrad as she voiced her concerns about a racially offensive group on campus. She also explained that balancing multiple businesses while being a wife and mother is challenging, but with prayer and a strong support system…it can be done! My mom stood up and asked a question and I wanted to hide under my seat!


The Event:

The Georgia Tech bookstore staff was attentive and very nice! We were greeted at the door of the bookstore where there was a stand of Phaedra’s quaint little pink book. My mother and sister came down for the event, as Phaedra is our FAVE housewife on RHOA! Once we purchased our copies of the book, we were guided to the event space, where Mrs. Parks would hold a discussion about the book before signing our copies. My sister was the most eager, and I was so happy she could experience that with me!

Mom, sis, myself & Phaedra_1#secretsofthesouthernbelle #GatechBarnes&noble


There were two big highlights of the event for me! The first was the group selfie that Porsha took of us! She said “come on y’all!” I pushed people out of my way to get in that pic, lol! I promise I don’t act like that on a normal day! My sister and I are in the top left corner. You can tell it’s me because of my turban.

PorshaSelfie1_#gatech #Phaedrabooksigning#secretsofthesouthernbelle


The second highlight of the event was the beautiful words of thanks Phaedra had for her mom. It happened to be her mom’s birthday, and there she was supporting her daughter. Porsha then led everyone in the birthday song for Mrs. Regina. She did a good job! Phaedra and Porsha were down -to- earth and very sweet! Not all celebs are friendly when you meet them in person, but I can tell you these women have beautiful spirits about them!

Have you ever met a celeb that you admire? Did you have the same perception of them after meeting them? Have you ever had a bad experience meeting your favorite celebrity?

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Caramel Cares: Giveaway Announcement

TGINM (Thank God It’s Not Monday) Carmalistas! I have something special for you all today. To thank you for all of your support with the survey and giveaway, I put together a vlog just for you! Y’all must be really special, because I don’t vlog, lol! It initially gave me super anxiety, but then I thought, these are MY readers, and they deserve something special. So if I have to be pushed out of my comfort zone, so be it!
In the vlog, I announce the winner of the $25 Bed Bath & Beyond giftcard, as well as upcoming Caramel Conversation news! It’s my first vlog…done on webcam, so bear with me on the video.


You ladies are awesome! I hope spring is making an appearance in your neighborhood, as it is still cold in Atlanta!

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