The Joy of Praying Together & Church Induction Ceremony


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Happy Tuesday! I hope you all enjoyed the podcast hubby and I delivered last Friday! If you missed it, click here after checking out today's post.

The saying that a "couple that prays together stays together" is not a direct quote from the Bible; however there is merit to it, especially the section  'Prays Together'. Now, while there is no passage in the Bible saying that husbands and wives must pray together, the book of James 5:16 does tell us to pray for each other. (David, Jan Stoop, 2000) I'm not intending to sound preachy, but there is power in prayer as the book of James also tells us. I mentioned all of this to lead you into today's post.

I previously mentioned that hubby and I were in the process of joining our church, and recently had a blessing session with our small group family. This past Sunday, we were inducted as new members. The announcement went something like this:

To share in the joy of

Welcoming Anthony & Sherelle

to our Church


We are officially members of a church family! In the ten years we've been together, this is the first time we've belonged to a church! From around this time last year, our life has really begun to take shape, and we owe it all to our devotion to living a Christ-driven life! We now pray together and for one another. I mean, I've always prayed for him, but it was more for things I personally wanted him to have (things). I now pray for favor, peace, and humbleness, and faith over him. I can admit that I was a selfish prayer, and I have since been relieved of that. So, yes I do believe in the power of prayer, and that couples should pray together as well as for one another.  I'm overjoyed at the thought of what God has in store for us from here forth!

Blessings Carmalistas!

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Do you pray over your spouse or loved ones?



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Happy Friday Carmalistas! 

Today, I'm coming to you in Podcast form! Hubs and I teamed up to bring you a special edition of Caramel Conversations! We hope to do a podcast on the second Friday of each month! Our lives have been so busy these last few months, that a single blog post was not going to suffice. In our podcast, we talk about our vacation, my experience at Oprah's #LifeYouWantTour and our view on marriage. Plus, we have some great music in store for you! This is more than a podcast about marriage, it's rich, insightful, fun, and most of all we enjoy working together! So, put your headphones in or turn up the speakers at your desk, because we're on! Click above to "download file" and tune in! It should open in your media player. If you like it, be sure to share it with your friends, and we hope you enjoy!

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