Celebrate Your Husband: National Husbands Day

Happy Thursday!

Did you all know that Fawn, creator of The Happy Wives Club is working to make National Husband’s day an official holiday? That’s right, her team is lobbying to make January 22nd an official day to honor, love, and celebrate our husbands. You can read all about it here. Once I read about this, I knew I wanted to celebrate it in our household official or not.

Celebrate Your Husband

Since January 22nd falls on a boring Thursday this year, I decided to celebrate it this past weekend. I told my hubby that I was taking him out on a date, and he was excited because I was making the day all about him. He’d been wanting to see Gone Girl since it was released back in September. We never got around to seeing it; but imagine our excitement when we learned that it was still playing at the dollar movie! I didn’t even know dollar movie theaters still existed, lol!

He also loves a good pizza pie, so I took him to Brixx Pizza for dinner. It was located at The Avenues of East Cobb, which is a posh shopping complex in Marietta, Ga. Neither of us had ever been to Brixx, but I’m sure glad we tried it. They cook their pizzas on a wood-fire brick oven and brush the crust with olive oil! The pizzas are all 10’ so you each get your own pizza! I ordered the Americo (pepperoni, mozzarella, mushrooms, and I added bell pepper) and he had the 4x4, which was topped with a ton of meat! They were delicious!

I also did most of the driving, until it got dark! I have horrible night-time vision, so that was the best I could do. On a normal date, he does all of the driving, so I did as much driving as I could, so that he could get the royal treatment.

I shared some footage from our date night below. I finally pulled out my Canon PowerShot Elph 150 that I asked for this past Christmas. I tried my hand at editing, but I'm not perfect by a long shot, lol!

I hope you enjoy!

What do you think about National Husband’s Day?
Have you seen Gone Girl? Why y’all didn’t tell me how crazy that movie was? LOL

A Gym Story: Jump Start 60

Happy Wednesday!

Jumpstart 60

Today I’m sharing a gym story. Last night, I was introduced to a program called Jump Start 60. I didn't even know what Jump Start 60 was until yesterday. I was in the gym for my twice–a week- session with my hubby. I've been training with him for the past 3 months. Back in October, I started with the Jamie Eason 12 week Live Fit Program. Lately, I've been mixing it with some of his weight training tips. Now, keep in mind that I have not been as consistent as I should have been. I have probably missed a total of three weeks within the three months that I've been going to the gym. I took a week or two off during the holidays and then some. Yes, I am ashamed of my inconsistency.

Back to the story…So, I had just finished my 10 minute cardio stint on the treadmill and headed over to hubby who was in the weight room. He gives me the “give me five minutes” look, so I stand aimlessly in the weight room waiting for him to finish. That’s when I was greeted with a peppy young lady who began to tell me about a new weight loss & tone training program she’s starting at the gym. All I heard was 60 minutes of cardio and weights. If I could have run out of the gym at that moment, without being seen, I would have! However, hubby comes over and suggest to this ultra-hyper trainer that I take the class; so, I was stuck like Chuck!

I tell her that I suffer from painful shin splits, and I was dreading the 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. She's all, "you can power walk on a 5% incline then." She proceeded to have us do what she called ‘zones’. Zone 1 was comfortable zone 2 intense, but bearable, and zone 3 was go hard or go home! I sweated more during that 30 minutes than I've sweated in my entire life…including band camp! Then it was time for the toning portion of the workout, and she started doing those darn burpees. I seriously thought about running out the door! But guess what y’all, I made it through the entire class! My shins were KILLING me, but I pressed on and survived!

By the way, I started using the Rock My Run app during my cardio time. It is awesome! You must try it when you're in the gym! You can set it on any genre of music, and it offers you a DJ mix of your preferred taste in music.

Have you pressed on, when you thought you couldn't? Do you workout with your spouse? Please share in the comments.

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