Book Review: Wife After God Devotional

Happy Thursday! Today I have the amazing privilege to bring you a book review that truly touched my heart, and I know it will do the same for you! As a newlywed, I want to do everything in my power to be an awesome wife to my husband. For me, this begins with God.

I have been given the honor to review Jennifer Smith’s (Unveiled Wife) 30-day devotional, Wife After God. This devotional is specifically tailored for wives. It doesn’t matter where you are in your relationship with God. Jennifer graciously provides tips on how to spend quality time with God. She poured her heart into guiding readers to a rich and purposeful relationship with God and their husbands.

My favorite was Day Four: Your Spouse is a Gift
I was excited to read this one, because it was all about receiving your husband as your gift from God through your attitude towards your husband. You must read it to receive the full blessing from Day four!

It’s Encouraging
The book begins with an encouraging open letter to the wife reading the devotional. I knew this devotional was for me when I read this line from the letter, “This amazing journey and knowing that you are rallying with wives all across the world to make positive changes in your marriage should be empowering!” How amazing is that?

It’s Meaty
This devotional reveals God’s purpose for your marriage, and shares that marriage should mirror Jesus’s love for us. Day 1 jump-starts the devotional by reminding us of how we should be motivated by how our actions and desires reflect Him, and that marriage blesses us with the chance to reflect His love story. (Loved this!)

Call to Action
This devotional stands out from others because of its call to action component. Each day, wives are given Focus Verses, a Thought—which contains the meat of that day’s devotional, a prayer, a challenge, a social media status update, and journal questions. These help the reader to join other wives who are also reading the devotional. What an incredible thing to know that wives over the country or even the world can connect as wives on this journey! I loved the prayer and the journal questions the most. Writing my thoughts at the end of each devotional allowed me to meditate on what I’d read and how I want to apply it in my life as a wife after God!

Life Transforming
I feel so blessed by this devotional! Jennifer poured her love for Christ and healthy, intimate marriages into this devotional! You can feel Jennifer’s passion for wanting other wives to experience that love for Christ and their husbands with each daily devotional. With each day, I felt closer to God and my husband in that I now understand God’s purpose for marriage, and how my actions and love for my husband should mimic Christ’s love for his bride (the church).

If you are married or engaged, you should definitely check out the Wife After God devotional! I cannot tell you how life-changing it is! It will make your heart expand, and your love for God and your husband will pour out, as you grow and thirst for God’s presence in your marriage each day.

Click here to buy your copy of Wife After God. Wife After God

This devotional has been a blessing to me these past 30 days! I know I will read it again and again! I know wives everywhere will continue to be blessed as you minister to them through this book. Thank you Jennifer for writing such a rich, heart-filled, book that gives wives the resources to be daily filled with Jesus!

Oh, Hello 30

Oh, hello 30!
I've been waiting on you for some time now. I felt you over my shoulder this past year. I could see your shadow in front of me with each decision and every step I made. I sensed your wisdom over me as my life evolved. I think we’ll be good for each other, you and I. I see us accomplishing a lot together! My spirit welcomes you. I have confidence that we’ll grow even more than before! Every part of my life seems to be going even better, as I get closer to you. I adore those who've already entered your doors. They all seem calmer, more peaceful, stable, kind, loving, and much more prosperous than your twenty-year old counterparts. I’m humbled at the wisdom that comes with you. My friend, you are welcome in my space. So, let’s do this. Here’s to thirty! I believe we will soar!

Oh, Hello 30
- Kirsten Dunst on turning thirty

- Kirsten Dunst on turning thirty

How did you welcome in your thirties? Let me know in the comments. Also, look out for my book review on the Wife After God devotional this Thursday. It was an awesome read! You won't want to miss it!

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