Photo Shoot Fun: Tips for Finding a MUA

We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes a good "beat" aka flawless makeup and hair just makes you feel good! Hubs and I had a photo shoot this past weekend for something we’re working on for you guys…more on that in the coming months. Thank you in advance for your patience! Finding a makeup artist was important, since these were professional photos. So, I sought out a MUA to give me a flawless beat for the shoot. I was nervous, anxious, excited, and curious about the final result. Needless to say, my MUA gave me a head turning beat! I was completely satisfied, and able to be confident during the entire shoot! Confidence is key to an amazing photo session! I felt snatched and beat *Tamar Braxton’s verbiage* and photo-ready!

She is Snatched

As a self proclaimed “girly girl” I have a need to feel and look drop dead gorgeous every now and then. I usually save makeup wearing for the weekends, but lately I’ve been viewing more and more makeup tutorials on YouTube. I’m such a novice when it comes to choosing and applying the right makeup. I’m trying to learn how to apply a good “beat”. I'm so thankful for all of the awesome MUA's who work hard to make their clients feel beautiful!


I also provided tips for finding an awesome Makeup Artist (MUA) for your next photo shoot or event.

Tips for Finding a MUA

How often do you treat yourself to a beautification appointment? What are your 'go-to' makeup products?

Power Breakfast 2015 Recap

Today, I'm sharing my Power Breakfast 2015 recap. Have you ever been so thankful that you attended an event? Have you ever needed an empowerment boost to stir up your inner superwoman? That is exactly what the Jennifer Keitt Power Breakfast did for me! Each year, Jennifer Keitt facilitates an annual Power Breakfast for women to come together to be encouraged, inspired, empowered and motivated to live their best life!


The breakfast opened in prayer, and I knew from that point forward, that it was going to be a positive experience. I met women in very different stages of their lives from my own. For the most part, I was one of the youngest women there. It didn’t change the fact that we were all seeking the same thing…PURPOSE!


It wasn’t like other conferences where people of a certain tax bracket stand in front of you selling you a dream. The room was filled with women who needed to hear that they already possess the powers (gifts) to be the superwomen that they were meant to be. The biggest threat of every superwoman, is a super villain that we need to conquer in order to remain focused on our goals, and living the life we were meant to live. A super villain can be anything (self-doubt, depression, feeling unworthy, fear, etc.).

Final thoughts:
I brought my mom along, and she truly enjoyed herself. I think as women we deal with so many emotions as a result of our personality traits. Events like this are really good to attend at least twice a year. For me, it was a reminder that it doesn't matter what situation I’m faced with at work, life, etc. It doesn't matter what people may say or think about my abilities. We've already been blessed with the gifts to follow our purpose. We just have to believe in ourselves, and overcome those super villains that we allow ourselves to succumb to.

Power Breakfast

Jennifer Keitt is the host of the Jennifer Keitt show on Atlanta's Kiss 104.1. She's also the host of the nationally syndicated show, Today's Black Woman. She is passionate about uplifting, and encouraging women. Mrs. Keitt provides the resources to educate and empower women through her weekly prayer calls, Keitt Institute, and life leadership program.

Do you attend empowerment conferences? Do you have a super villian? How do you plan to kick its butt?

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