Dove is Showing Love to Your Curls: Love Your Curls Campaign

Dove is known for its positive media campaigns and advertisements of beauty and self-esteem in women of all ages. Dove's mission is to “change our ideas and the future generation's ideas of beauty.” By leveraging social media and other media outlets, they are helping to revolutionize society's idea of "true beauty". One of Dove's earlier campaigns, “Campaign for Real Beauty" showed women (with curves) boldly baring it all in all white undies. Dove campaigns, usually run while simultaneously promoting new product lines; which achieves both helping women love their own attributes while marketing their products. They have to make their coins too. ;)


Dove's latest campaign, "Love Your Curls" has gained lots of media attention in the past week. It is aimed at women with curly or kinky hair. They want women to embrace their frizzy, curly hair! For this campaign, the company used little girls and their moms, aunts, and family members. The little girls were interviewed on camera about their feelings towards their curly hair. While it seems cute listening to the young girls talk, the sad truth is that they have already developed a negative sense of self-beauty.

I too could resonate with being a little girl as early as 6 years old, wanting long silky hair like many of my Caucasian peers. That’s exactly why I ended up getting a relaxer at the age of nine! I begged for it, after seeing that darn, “Just for Me” commercial. I wanted bouncy, long, flowing, hair too! I love that Dove is taking a stand against society’s view of what beauty is, and spreading it with meaningful, relatable, campaigns! I’ll put the Love Your Curls video below.

Now, I need someone to interview black women about wearing natural hair in corporate America, and how they’ve been inclined or told to change their hair texture for the sake of a job. Or even, how the natural hair movement that’s been going on for the past few years is affecting society’s standard of beauty.

So, what do you think about Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaigns? Do you believe they will evoke change?

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Celebrate Your Husband: National Husbands Day

Happy Thursday!

Did you all know that Fawn, creator of The Happy Wives Club is working to make National Husband’s day an official holiday? That’s right, her team is lobbying to make January 22nd an official day to honor, love, and celebrate our husbands. You can read all about it here. Once I read about this, I knew I wanted to celebrate it in our household official or not.

Celebrate Your Husband

Since January 22nd falls on a boring Thursday this year, I decided to celebrate it this past weekend. I told my hubby that I was taking him out on a date, and he was excited because I was making the day all about him. He’d been wanting to see Gone Girl since it was released back in September. We never got around to seeing it; but imagine our excitement when we learned that it was still playing at the dollar movie! I didn’t even know dollar movie theaters still existed, lol!

He also loves a good pizza pie, so I took him to Brixx Pizza for dinner. It was located at The Avenues of East Cobb, which is a posh shopping complex in Marietta, Ga. Neither of us had ever been to Brixx, but I’m sure glad we tried it. They cook their pizzas on a wood-fire brick oven and brush the crust with olive oil! The pizzas are all 10’ so you each get your own pizza! I ordered the Americo (pepperoni, mozzarella, mushrooms, and I added bell pepper) and he had the 4x4, which was topped with a ton of meat! They were delicious!

I also did most of the driving, until it got dark! I have horrible night-time vision, so that was the best I could do. On a normal date, he does all of the driving, so I did as much driving as I could, so that he could get the royal treatment.

I shared some footage from our date night below. I finally pulled out my Canon PowerShot Elph 150 that I asked for this past Christmas. I tried my hand at editing, but I'm not perfect by a long shot, lol!

I hope you enjoy!

What do you think about National Husband’s Day?
Have you seen Gone Girl? Why y’all didn’t tell me how crazy that movie was? LOL

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