Wedding Wednesdays: Engagement Photo Session

Move over Kimye! Caramel Rell and Mr. R.L Radio are taking over the rest of this week’s hot couple trending on social media, lol! Of course I’m kidding…my honey and I would never want that kind of fame. However, I will take a moment to brag that our engagement pictures are the cutest I’ve seen! I’m being a little bias, but I can’t help but love them!

My honey and I took over Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta last weekend to have our engagement photos taken. We’d wanted to do them for a while, but with my classes, and other life events, we just kept putting it off. I contacted Kita Bryant,  Visual artist/photographer of Focus Dezigns about doing our shoot after seeing her special on Facebook.

Let me just say that Kita is AWESOME! She is a wonderful person to work with, and we were so blessed to have her do our engagement photos. She got to know us very fast, and was able to capture our personalities in each shot. It was an insanely fun and memorable shoot to say the least! I think we all left laughing! The pictures came out more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined, and I would recommend that you contact Kita for all of your photography needs. Enough talking about these gorgeous photos, here are a few takes from last week’s photo session…enjoy!

engagement5 engagement28 engagement36 engagement53 engagement56

Check out their blog for more pics of our engagement photos! If you're in the Atlanta area, and are looking for a photographer, I've included their contact information below.

Website: Focus Dezigns

Blog: Focus Dezigns

Twitter Handle: @Focus Dezigns

Let Me Explain:The Raw Honest Reason for my Absence

After going on my share of blogging hiatus’s this year, I felt that explaining my latest absence from the blog would be redundant. However, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to share my exact feelings about my absence to help me sort through my own feelings about blogging and my future aspirations. Sharing is therapeutic for me, when done in a safe place with people who share your sentiments.

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Grad School

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I recently began an accelerated graduate school program. That took more time than I ever imagined, so blogging became less important and passing my classes became first priority. My house was even neglected…especially when those 10 page papers came back to back. Thank God for my honey. He maintained the house, the cooking, and was patient with my 4 am cram sessions. It was worth it to see those two A’s on my transcript last week! My last two courses begin at the end of the month and continue through the summer. Your prayers are welcome!

My Fitness Pal

I finally became active on the My Fitness Pal app. I've been meaning to get into it, and just never dedicated my time to do so. My goal is to take in 500 less calories each day from my diet. I'm also participating in Zumba and Sweat and Sculpt classes two-three times a week through my job. I hope to lose 20 lbs. over the few months...fingers crossed! If you're active on MyFitnessPal, please follow me, so that we can motivate one another!


Facebook Fan Page

I've actually become much more active on this blog's fan page! It has been rewarding to be so transparent on the fan page and share my personal fitness journey and other personal things with you all! If you haven't 'liked' Caramel Conversations on Facebook, you can do so hereSwing by today, and you can send my mom a birthday shutout!


Wedding Preparations

I’ve been working on our wedding plans in between studying, writing research papers, working full –time, and maintaining everyday life demands. The funny thing is; I’m not stressed about it like I was when we were in the early stages of planning it last year. I’ve really put it in God’s hands, and asked him to bless us with the wedding HE wants us to have. Since then, things seemed to fall into place, and help has been plentiful! It will be small, intimate, and done according to HIS will. Exciting wedding journey posts to come!

Getting Back to Me

I started this blog for a few reasons. I wanted to bring women together who could relate to my journey. I also wanted to begin my writing career and thought blogging would be a good way to build a following of people who I could share my raw material with. But, once I began blogging I was introduced to all of these elements that I had no idea existed like: sponsored posts, site traffic, seo, searchable keywords, sharable content, media kits, Pinterest groups, klout scores and the list goes on! It got so bad, that I was taking pictures of every meal I made and sharing it on Instagram. I can’t live like that! I lost complete sight of why I began blogging, and it became a headache to come up with material for blog posts.

In the almost three years I’ve been blogging I haven’t written any of the fiction books I planned to write when this journey began. There are also other things I’d like to tap into, and I can’t pour life into those things with blogging at the forefront. Forcing content is not why I began blogging, and I cannot go forward writing content just so I can throw in keywords, SEO, followers, etc. Yes, those things are important when building a brand, but when you’re writing for the sole purpose of boosting traffic, you lose who you are.

I want to build a brand that reflects me, and  I will not publish content for the sake of keeping this blog up to date. I will continue to allow my purpose to unfold organically, and that will allow my creativity and goals to come to fruition. In the meantime, I’ll be finishing school, writing, and getting back to me.  I’ll still post here as the ideas flow and I’ll still be active on my social networking sites. I’m in transition to revamp this site in a way that aligns with my life and goals. This will require me to step back and brainstorm what I want to I hope you’ll stay with me as this journey continues.


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