Marriage Mondays #2: Social Media Proof Your Marriage

Happy Monday Carmalistas!

This is the second installment of Marriage Mondays, where I blog about our recent date night events, marriage tips and inspiration. I’m normally not one to get inspiration from the Hollywood gossip scene and gossip sites, but this overly-blown story between Tia Mowry and Keke Palmer struck a chord with me; in regards to social media and marriage.

If you haven’t heard, actress Tia Mowry posted what some are calling a shady Tweet that many think was aimed at Keke Palmer. The tweet went something like, “Saying you like married men in interviews is not cute…just saying.” The tweet was deleted soon after. Palmer, who co-stars in the upcoming movie Brotherly Love with Tia’s husband, Cory Hardict; said her words were taken out of context. She appeared on the Wendy Williams Show and insists that she was only quoting thoughts she had when she was 10, and had a crush on Hardict. Palmer states that she’d said as a ten year-old that “she was going to marry this man.” After reading this and watching KeKe’s interview, I felt that Keke did not intend any harm in her statements. However, the statement she gave in her previous interview, must have rubbed Tia the wrong way, thus resorting to her "shady tweet." That said, I am NOT here to promote drama or shade, this post is simply about social media proofing your marriage. Plus, I heart Tia, and I'm praying for continued blessings in her marriage and business ventures!Tia Mowry at home

However, this story made me think as a married woman how careful we need to be when it comes to keeping our marriages guarded when it comes to social media. While I don’t think it did Tia any good to “mark her territory” via social media. What it did was make her marriage a target for others to offer snide remarks against it, and diminishing its sanctity. I do understand feeling the need to “protect” our marriage, but giving into the flesh in our moments of weakness can make small issues big issues. We must be mindful to keep our marriages safe, especially in regards to social media. I’m sharing 3 Ways to keep your marriage safe in the age of social media, and bible verses that apply to modern times. Click image to enlarge.

Social Media Proof your marriage

I want to conclude that we should not devote our time being unrestricted on social media. Sharing intimate feelings in regards to our marriages can cause unnecessary conflict and tension in marriage. Ephesians 5:16-17 can be applied to today’s use of social media and how our lives can be affected by consuming too much time there. Trust God’s plan for your marriage. Because marriage mirrors God’s love story, it will always be under attack. Pray with your husband each day. Pray for strength to endure and strategies to overcome anything that threatens your union. Guard your marriage with all your heart.   Have you ever thought about throwing shade on social media at another woman for flirting with your husband? Do you pray for your spouse and/or marriage daily?

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Marriage Mondays #1: Lazy Weekend

Happy Monday!

I can say that with real excitement because I’m well rested from my three-day weekend! I took Friday off for the sake of my sanity and well-being. You know that feeling you get when everyone and everything at your job frustrates you to your core?! For me, when I can no longer get a good night’s sleep, and my days leave me exhausted for no particular reason, and even the smallest tasks become overwhelming…it’s time to take a break! I am so in tuned with my body, and I knew these were signs that I needed some time off!

This is the first week of my marriage series, Marriage Monday. This is where I will share events from our most recent date nights, tips, and marriage inspiration. This weekend was pretty uneventful, as we wanted to have a weekend of rest. March was very eventful for us, as we had plans every single weekend last month! Though it was all exciting, it was also tiring to have every weekend booked solid! So, to give ourselves the rest we needed, we decided to stay home and take advantage of our Netflix subscription. Netflix’s own original show, Daredevil premiered on Friday, so we spent the entire weekend watching it. It was much better than I anticipated, as I’m not a fan of comic book stories, movies, and such like hubs. We still have to watch the last episode, so please don’t share any spoilers, if you’ve already seen it. :)


We did get out for lunch on Saturday. It was a beautiful day in Atlanta, and we were in the mood for pizza. I thought it would be fun to try Uncle Maddios Pizza, since I heard it was a ‘make-your-own’ pizza joint. I was a bit skeptical…assuming it would not hold a torch to our usual Pizza joints. I’m sure glad I was wrong, because my husband and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the pizza was very tasty! We ate on the patio, because the sun was shining, and I honestly needed the vitamin D! LOL We continued our binge-watching session for the remainder of the weekend, and it was awesome!


How often do you take a break? Do you listen when your body tells you to take a time out?

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