My Personal Christmas List

I’m not one that asks for expensive things for Christmas, or base my happiness around what I do or do not receive. I normally keep it minimal. Since I recently was fortunate enough to do a winter haul for my wardrobe, I don’t need much in the clothing department. I do have three things that I've been eyeing for the past few months, and I would be so happy if "Santa" would leave them under my tree this Christmas!

Christmas List

The first thing on my list is the Canon PowerShot ELPH 150 IS Digital Camera (Red). It runs for $99.00 on Amazon. Y’all, I've been wanting a digital power shot camera for the past two years! I don’t want to spend a ton of money on it, because my husband has bought me two digital cameras one on Christmas 2010 and the other on Christmas 2012. I've yet to do anything with either of them, but in my defense, the one he bought me in 2012 did not work like it should, and I let too much time pass to be able to return it. As for the other one… I just wasn't into blogging and photography back then. Now that I’m married, I want to capture everything! The Canon PowerShot ELPH is said to be a great quality camera for beginners, and I received confirmation from a few bloggers and YouTubers as well!

PowerShot camera

The second thing on my list is the Toni Wig by none other than Mrs. Toni Daley. I found out about her after seeing a picture of her hand-made ‘afro pic’ earrings on one of my favorite YouTubers, Gabe Flowers of GabeBabeTV. Many of you know I am no stranger to wigs, and when I saw the ‘Toni Wig,’ I fell in love with it! I am probably responsible for about 20 of the views on her vlog of the wig on her channel, lol! You also get a pair of her fabulous earrings with your purchase of the wig! Check out her products here.

The last thing on my list is may seem trivial, but it’s so important to my creativity and desire to be more organized. It’s a whiteboard! I want a medium size whiteboard for either my kitchen or our extra bedroom. I need it for bill payment reminders, event obligations, and personal goals. Now, I could easily go out and buy this myself, but I am a cheap skate, and will never by it on my own! LOL!


So, there you have it! My Christmas list for 2014 is complete!
Do you have a Christmas list? What’s on it? Please share in the comments below.

How to Survive Workplace Holiday Parties!

It’s that time of year again! You know, when you’re asked to attend all those silly office holiday parties and gatherings. While I love the holiday season, there are some aspects of it that I prefer to opt out of for the sake of my sanity, socializing with people that I avoid any other time of the year, the guess this gift or that song games that make me want to barf…and let’s not forget the tacky holiday sweaters and potluck of questionable dishes from co-workers who breed cats in their home!

To avoid coming off as a Scrooge, Grinch, or Miser I have come up with a list of ways to survive all of the festivities coming to an office near you!

How to Survive Holiday Parties

Also, try not to do this Bill Lumbergh (office Space) move when declining an office party invite. It just screams sarcasm and you don’t want to look like the office Grinch, lol!

Office Space_Bill Lumbergh

Office holiday parties also allow you to network with those whom you’ve been emailing all year.

Office Holiday Party

I hope these tips help you to survive this year’s holiday parties and gatherings. And by all means, if you truly don’t want to attend, kindly decline-I promise they will be okay and party on! As for me, I’ve already declined 2 holiday parties. If I don’t have a buffer friend to go with me, I am more apt to decline an invite.

If you do love office holiday parties, do you have a close relationship with your co-workers?
I feel it depends on your work environment and relationships with those in your office. I used to love parties in my previous job!

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